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About ISSV

Melbourne based Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria Inc. was re-instituted in 1998, replacing its predecessor Slovenian Teachers’ Association of Victoria (1976 - 1998). ISSV, utilised integrated web-based technologies to a form a new paradigm of Slovenian language education and cultural studies was designed as online library of Slovenian language and culture archives to support and stimulate the study of Slovenian. The language sections comprise of useful Slovenian language and learning web resources.

The classical name: Thezaurus - treasury or collection, was chosen for the site name, underpinning the concept of a web library for Slovenian studies and public space for a body of continuing web projects.

Sponsors. Donors. Supporters. Associations.

Major sponsors contribute $1000 or more; donors $500 and more; Supporters contribute in services, facilities and/or finances of $200 or more; Individual supporters contribute services or finances of up to $200.

The sponsorship program represents a significant and valuable support for the development of language resources, cultural activities and projects of the Institute on the web node

Projects and Activities

Since 1976 Slovenian Teachers Association of Victoria / STAV developed the Slovenian language programs - the aims and course content with philosophical underpinning of combined language and cultural studies.

In 1998 it was reinstituted as the Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria / ISSV, which further developed and broadened this concept through the web site and other projects.

ISSV facilitates and supports varied cultural activities and projects to further intercultural dialogue and strengthen links with Slovenia. This involves: organising and promoting events, book distribution, and participating in bilateral projects.


ISSV newsletter highlights recent news of ISSV Inc. and projects.