Cultural projects


ISSV organized an evening of poetry for VCE students and Slovenian community with poet Aleksij Pregarc in 1997.

Slovenian National Council and ISSV collaborated in organizing a special performance of the Slovenian octet group “Oktet Suha”, from Koroška, of southern Austria, an international ensemble on tour of Australian cities, at the Victorian School of Languages in 1999. It was one hour concert for the seven language faculties of about 500 students and teachers. For the majority of public it was the first time they heard singing of eight voices in harmony, and first exposure to a Slovenian musical tradition of this kind.                                                                                                                                                                                  

ISSV organized the Melbourne program of  “The Australian Reading Tour of Five Slovenian Writers” in Australia from 24 July to 1 August, 2001. ISSV organized the tour from 2 - 4 August, at four venues in Melbourne: Monash University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Victorian Writers’ Centre, Baraga House. The tour was promoted in Slovenian classes, on radio and television, on the Web in What's On in Melbourne Events Guide, and in the Melbourne monthly journal “Misli”.

The Tour led to a dialogue and meetings between ISSV and the Slavic Studies Department, Monash University. ISSV donated books of Slovenian literature to Monash University Matheson Library. As a result of the dialogue the Slavic Department has nominated the inclusion of the Slovenian Short Story based on the works of Andrej Blatnik, in the General and Comparative Literature Course at Monash University in 2004.              
ISSV was a participating organization in  the Australian-Slovenian Yarra Ranges Old Vine Festival, 22 September 2002, providing a brochure for the Australian Tour of Vesele Štajerke ensemble.

ISSV organized a major Slovenian community event with the celebration of 25th anniversary of Slovenian language in Melbourne, Australia.
Slovenian Language in Australia, 25 Anniversary Concert 22 March 2003, Melbourne, 2003. ISSV Archive exhibition at Baraga House, was organized to coincide with the festivities of 25th Anniversary of ISSV and language studies in Victoria.
The launch of the book: Slovenian Language in Australia - 25 years of Slovenian language in Victorian schools by A.L.Ceferin, a record of the process of accreditation and teaching of Slovenian language in Victoria from 1977 to 2002.

Promotional activities are publicized in: articles on educational and cultural issues in Misli, Glas Slovenije, Delo, Slovenščina v šoli, Rodna Gruda, Novi Glas and Slovenski Izseljenski Koledar 2004-2005, Thezaurus Forums.               

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