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ISSV is the Australian distributor for:

Forget-Me-Nots/Spominčice Children's Book Series
A special series was introduced in 2006, beautifully illustrated, bilingual in Slovenian and English, for young children by award-winning writers of Slovenia:

Bauer, Jana, In the Land of Gingerbread, Sodobnost International, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006
Flisar, Evald, Spots becomes a World Champion, Sodobnost International & Vodnikova Založba, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007
Kokalj, Tatjana, Emil Rabbit, Sodobnost International, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007
Muck, Desa, The Giant Hen, Sodobnost International, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007
Rozman Roza, Andrej, How Oscar became a Detective, Sodobnost International & Vodnikova Založba, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007

Details, and contents of the books are shown on:

Slovenian Literary Reader / Slovensko slovstvo-berilo,
by A.L. Ceferin, Melbourne, 1984., was funded by the Victorian School of Languages. A historical review of Slovenian literature from earliest beginnings. (242 pages)
Slovenian Folk Songs/Slovenske narodne pesmi, by A.L. Ceferin, Melbourne, 1985 (booklet and audio cassette) (31 pages)
Slovenian Language in Australia – 25 years of Slovenian language in Victorian schools, 1977-2002, by A.L. Ceferin, ISSV Inc, Melbourne, 2003 (142 pages)

ISSV is the distributor for the following books published in Slovenia. The books not in stock are: Slovene Legends, Dom dedov. The Baraga Library in Melbourne, has books, CDs, videos from Slovenia for sale which can be purchased during library opening hours on Sundays.   

Socializem v kozji vasi,
by Vid Pečjak, Vid Pečjak, Peter Amalietti, Feniks: Ljubljana, 1988 (164 pages)
Slovene legends - Slovenske ljudske propovedi,
by Dušica Kunaver, D. Kunaver: Ljubljana, 1999 (221 pages)
Historical map; Slovenija v cašu in prostoru,
by Branko Vasle, Studio Scriptus: Ljubljana, 2000 (48cm x 68cm)
Dom dedov - povedke, pravlice,in drugi spisi, by Lea Fatur, ed. Silvo Fatur, Forum piranese: Koper, 2001 (168 pages)

Victorian School of Languages:
Catalogue of publications for languages taught at VSL for sale and online shop. For sale are: Teacher materials, classroom materials, Distance Ed. materials.

Available on order:
Slovenian CSF and VCE Course Outline, by Aleksandra Ceferin and Sandi Ceferin, Victorian School of Languages, Department of Education and Training, Melbourne, 2003. (204 pages)

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