Toman garden in Spring

The full beauty of the hillside garden is revealed in Spring, with its construction of pathways, stairways and terraces, while the first blossoms begin to fill the spaces with their colours and shapes. This is the early spring, and garden is already full of promise of blossoming and fruiting to come as gradually spring turns into summer and autumn.

In Spring
These images were captured at the end of March 2010, of the private garden designed and cultivated by Prof. Mihael Toman at Kamna Gorica, in the northern Gorenjksa region, Slovenia.

Autumn to Winter 2009
Last year, Aleksandra Ceferin had the opportunity to see the spectacular garden in full bloom during a regular visit to Slovenia. Inspired by the exceptional garden, she recorded some of the many plant varieties and vistas of the terraced garden.

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Toman Garden albums are in albums in Sloveniana Gallery

April 12, 2009:
album 1,
album 2,
April 16, 2010:
album 3,

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