ISSV Membership

Become a member and support the Institute in its initiatives, activities, exciting new projects and in its capacity to
    •      present linguistic and cultural resources in one location
    •      develop an archive of linguistic and cultural resources for the teaching of Slovenian and maintenance of Slovenian identity among the descendants of               Slovenian migrants
    •      research learning, interactive and web-based technologies
    •      present Slovenia and Slovenian culture globally
    •      facilitate and promote the educational, cultural and commercial links with Slovenia and Australia
    •      reach the "lost generation"- the second and third generations Australian Slovenians and heighten awareness of Slovenian heritage
    •      establish language programs between Australia and Slovenia
    •      develop educational and cultural resources for Slovenian language studies
    •      provide information about Slovenia, Slovenian language and culture to the broader public
    •      respond to the interests, needs of: the second, third, and fourth generations of Slovenians in the Diaspora
    •      facilitate contact, exchange of information, and communication through Thezaurus Forums
    •      present Slovenian culture to the world community through Sloveniana Webzine and Galeria Sloveniana

The Benefits
The benefits to ISSV members, including sponsors, donors and supporters, are:
    •      supporting Slovenian language and cultural projects for the Australian and global communities
    •      Thezaurus News with latest information on language and cultural projects, cultural events, programs and activities
    •      information on Slovenian studies in Australia and Slovenia
    •      information on scholarships and course resources for Slovenian studies
    •      discounts with businesses, shops and restaurants is planned. A list is being compiled in Australia and Europe

Subscriptions / Application Form
The annual subscription for membership $10.00 AUD. Membership is for the calendar year.
For an application form please contact ISSV, or send a request on:
Tel. +61 3 9544 0595

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