Slovenian Grammar

Slovenian Grammar section is a brief overview of the main linguistic elements that form the basis of Slovenian language, as identified and set out by Slovenian linguist Jože Toporišič in his course-book, “Zakaj ne po slovensko”. The overview is intended to serve as an introduction and to inform about the nature of Slovenian language.

In nine separate sections of Prof. Toporišič schematic presentation, there are tables and charts of the basic elements of Slovenian language, with explanatory notes.

Teacher Resources

These resources have been developed by ISSV since 1991 following the major reform of the Victorian state school system. The material has formed the core content in the teaching of Slovenian language from years 5-12.

Curriculum resources are intended for both teachers and students. There is an extensive bibliography and a linguistic elements chart which sets out the fundamental grammatical items that students of Slovenian should be familiar with.

The CSF (since 2006 replaced by VELS) approach to teaching and assessment is a thematic and highly integrated approach to teaching languages. It provides the basis for curriculum planning in Victorian schools and defines the areas of learning and the learning outcomes to be achieved by students.

Slovenian Courses & Grants

In Australia the formal classes of Slovenian have been suspended first in New South Wales, then in Victoria, due to small numbers of enrolments. In 2005 the last 4 students have graduated in Slovenian as a Year 12 subject in Melbourne, bringing to a close the period of 25 years of Slovenian teaching in the Australian school system. At pre-school and primary level Slovenian continues to be taught in centres and some clubs.

Slovenian language courses at all levels are offered throughout the year by the Center for Slovene, University of Ljubljana and universities around the world. University scholarships and exchange programs are available.

Teaching Archives

The archives contain key elements of the teaching of Slovenian language during the period of the most intensive educational reform in the state of Victoria from 1991 to 2005.

In 1991 Victoria introduced the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), which comprised the two senior levels of the secondary education and included curriculum structure and assessment process during the course of the year and the final examination.

During the nineties the reform was gradually extended to years 1 - 10 of the primary and secondary education. The new system was named Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF).

For Slovenian all these elements were incorporated in the curriculum document, published by Victorian School of Languages in 2003, VCE and CSF Course Outline, written by A.L. and A.A. Ceferin. This course outline has also been used in the development of other language courses in school system.