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Webclassroom is a resource point of new cultural and language materials and references for students and teachers of Slovenian as a foreign language...


The title of the collection by Žarko Petan published in 1999 is Svet v enem stavku (The World in One Sentence). It is a pithy definition for an aphorism.


Proverbs are sayings, which encapsulate human experience and contain some common wisdom or advice. It is often a shared wisdom that crosses boundaries of language and culture.

The riddle

The riddle is an ancient phenomenon shared by manifold cultures, included in the ethnographic study of folklore. It is a puzzle presented as a statement or question to be solved.

Heritage Trail

Slovenian Heritage Trail is a new education language kit produced as an E-book. Six study units contain: background notes, core study documents, visual resources, study resources...


Slovenian literary tradition is long in tales, myths and legends. A world is shown, populated by magical beings, such as fairies, water sprites and other magical creatures. The tales reflect Slovenian national character and depict their view of the world and experience of life.

Slovenian Webclassroom - Methodology

Slovenian Webclassroom topics is a continuing project with the goal of learning "culture through language". Activities on texts of latest Web resources aim to develop reading and writing skills...