Forget Me Nots Books - Students Activities E-Workbooks 1-1V

Forget Me Nots Books series - Students Activities E-Workbooks 1- IV. for four books in the series: These are in English (translated Sept 2009 from Slovenian) downloadable activities sheets for teachers.

Linguistic elements

Students should understand the regularity of the relationship of sounds and letters in Slovenian, from the point of view of both accurate pronunciation and spelling in written Slovenian.

Text types

When we communicate, we use a wide variety of language forms, which have their particular structure, style and purpose. They have been called text-types or discourse forms.

Language functions

The following is an extensive, but not exhaustive, list of a variety of functions, which form a part of communication between people, and could be useful in any teaching approach:

Course planning: Topics 4 - 10

The chart of CSF topics demonstrates the essentials of CSF approach to language learning - a holistic and integrated approach to language curriculum, where students learn a full range of communication skills.


The bibliography comprises of reference texts for the study of  Slovenian language, literature and culture.  A thematic listing of resources for senior secondary and advanced levels is located in Thezaurus Archives.

CSF Course Outline Sample 1

CSF Course Outline tables showing objectives, outcomes and general instructions to the course.