Slovenian courses in Australia 1998-2005

For the last twenty years students in Australia have been able to select Slovenian as one of their Higher School Certificate subjects (matriculation/high school graduation/matura). They could select it in preference to any other HSC subject.

CSF Guidelines for Languages Other Than English in Victoria

In 1996, in the wake of VCE reform, Victoria inaugurated another major educational reform of the education system over eleven years of schooling preceding the VCE Year 11 and 12. With publication of Curriculum & Standards Framework, Victorian schools began a process towards a new approach to learning outcomes, teaching, and assessment.

Slovenian VCE Course Guidelines

After completion of 12 years of secondary studies and Year 12 examinations in five subjects of free choice (only English is compulsory) Australian secondary students receive the secondary school certificate, which serves as entry into employment, training or entry into tertiary studies.

Slovenian VCE Study Resources

There are three main themes that have been prescribed for VCE language study. This following extensive compilation of resources is thematically presented to assist teachers and students in their studies of the given themes, topics and sub-topics.

VCE prescribed elements

Themes and topics and suggested sub-topics prescribed by VCE Authorithies.

VCE outcomes, Unit 1-4

The summary of outcomes and assesment tasks

VCE themes, topics and subtopics 2001

Throughout their VCE course, but particularly in Unit 3 and 4 students undertake detailed study assessment tasks. These tasks are designed to assess students’ understanding of the language and culture of Slovenian-speaking community.

CSF Course Outline Sample 1

CSF Course Outline tables showing objectives, outcomes and general instructions to the course.