Slovenian in Australia

Slovenian language in Australia
The institution offering Slovenian is the Victorian School of Languages in Victoria (since 1977) and  the Saturday School of Community Languages in New South Wales (since 1979).
In 2005 the last four students graduated at Year 12 in Melbourne. This was the final group undertaking Slovenian as a matriculation subject in Australia. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority responsible for accreditation and assessment of Year 12 studies, and its equivalent in New South Wales, Sydney, made the decision to suspend all smaller languages (Bengali, Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian) to be reinstated if the number of enrolled students reached 15.
The consequence was that students enrolled in Slovenian classes of the Victorian School of Languages and its equivalent in Sydney absented themselves.
After 25 years Slovenian language as a school subject no longer exists. It is not so much for lack of interest, as the loss of Slovenian language by the post-settlement generations, where priority is placed on typical weekend pursuits, such as sport, music and dance.
The opportunity is available to reinstate the subject in the Victorian School of Languages if interest is shown by a higher number of enrolling students. The situation is similar in New South Wales.

Slovenian in centres and clubs
There is activity for primary school aged children in a few clubs and centres. This occurs usually fortnightly, and the teaching consists of rehearsals for various cultural club events. In Victoria, St.Cyril and Methodius Mission in Melbourne offers fortnightly conversation group sessions for adults on Sundays. The Mission runs the Slomšek School for children from pre-school to primary levels. The fortnightly sessions are held after Sunday mass.       
Similarly, Slovenian Religious and Cultural Centres in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and Slovenian clubs offer classes for primary age children, subject to interest and availability of teachers. In all centres there are annual celebrations and festivities. An important feature are children's performances of Slovenian songs, plays, recitations and folk-dances. The community classes generally include preparation for such events.
For more information contact the Slovenian centre/club in your city, or state. (See organizations in Community section)

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