ISSV library 1976 -

ISSV Library contains over 1,500 reference books in the area of Slovenian language studies for educators, students of Slovenian, researchers, and members. The library was established in 1976 by Aleksandra Ceferin and Drago Ceferin to support Slovenian language studies at the Victorian School of Languages of the Education Department of Victoria. The library continues to grow each year from donations from organizations, individuals and companies in Australia, Slovenia, and USA.
The collection comprises of:
  • dictionaries, lexica, reference books in areas of : Slovenian language, culture, history, ethnology, traditional folk-songs
  • collected works of contemporary poetry and prose, anthologies, English translations of poetry and prose
  • facsimiles and copies of original documents by: Valentin Vodnik, Primož Trubar, J. V. Valvasor, France Prešeren,  Srečko Kosovel
  • Slovenian language course textbooks and materials, readers from Slovenia for primary to secondary levels, teacher manuals , curricula, lesson resources
  • audio-visual materials: CDs of traditional and contemporary music, videos of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage, traditions
  • current journals: Etnolog, Misli, MLTAV, Sodobnost, Sinfo, Society of Slovene Studies, Babel, Bulletin of VCAA
  • ISSV Archives from 1976 to 2008.  
Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria Inc.
2/43 Stockdale Avenue
Clayton North, Vic 3168, Australia
Tel. +61 3 9544 0595
Mob. 0418 147 843

2.30pm to 5.30pm
During Victorian state school terms or by prior alternative arrangement

School Term Dates 2009
Term 1:  29 January to 20 March. Term 2. 7 April to 27 June. Term 3. 14 July to 19 September. Term 4. 6 October to 19 December.

The major donor since 1992 has been Slovenska Izseljenska Matica (Slovenian Emigrant Association/ SIM of Slovenia).

Other donors
Institute for Education of Republic of Slovenia, Office for Slovenes Abroad of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Faculty of Slovene Studies at University of Ljubljana, Slovenska krščanska zveza of Austria, Slovenian Writers' Association (PEN), Victorian School of Languages (Melbourne).

Individual donors
Bojan Ažman, Jožefa Ažman, Valerija Ažman, France Benko, Iva Benko, Janez Bitenc, Aleksandra Ceferin, Silvo Fatur, Prof. Martin Jevnikar , Prof. Edi Gobetz, Aleksij Pregarc, Vida Krištof, Evald Flisar, Drago Bajt, Rozina Švent (NUK), Prof. Mihael Toman, Daša Turuk, Zdenka Franetič, Breda Franetič, Drago Franetič, Mara Obreza, Vino Obreza, Cvetka Vadnjal, Rado Vadnjal and others.

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