Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis)

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The Common Snowdrop / Navadni mali zvonček
The Ljubljana Botanic Garden offers an opportunity to view the plant kingdom in miniature. The view changes from season to season.
As soon as the cold of winter gives way to warmer weather, usually still in winter and that snow cover disappears, common snowdrops begin to bloom, and the ground is once more covered in white.This occurs everywhere in Slovenia, on meadows, by wayside and in the woods. The snowdrop, in Slovenian zvonček, meaning little bell is soon followed by other blooms, primroses and crocuses. But the snowdrop, which sometimes pushes its way through the melting snow, is the herald of the spring.
There is a great diversity of form within the species. The director of the Ljubljana Botanic Garden, dr. Jože Bavcon is studying this intraspecific genotypic diversity within the species, which has been observed in local populations of snowdrops differs fromone part of Slovenia to another.
The differences could be divided into the following groups:
Flower shape and size, and number of flowers on a plant as a whole, shape of outer and inner perianth segments, green markings of outer perianth segments, pattern of inner perianth segments(shape, colour), shape and colour of ovary, spathe(shape and size), extra bracts and leaves (number,width, colour).
The present collection, which is checked annually for stability, is comprised of 1000 units. Ljubljana Botanical Garden is a showplace of a myriad of snowdrops every spring, drawing visitors from all over Europe.
Jože Bavcon, Common Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis L.) and its diversity in Slovenia.