Easter in Slovenia - Kamna gorica

Tu pride flash

Traditional Easter celebrations are still alive in contemporary Slovenia, particularly in the villages, where interest in these traditions, which combine the pre-Christian and Christian elements, is on the increase. The snapshots have been taken over Easter Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday on 2nd to 4th April 2010, in the prosperous village of Kamna gorica (rocky hill) in Gorenjska, Slovenija. They follow the Friday evening service, Saturday morning blessing of fire, with which the home fires are lit, and the preparation of the Easter meal started. This is followed later by preparation of pirhi/Easter eggs according to local custom. Easter foods are taken to the church to be blessed in the afternoon. Easter service and procession take place on Sunday, when the bells begin to ring again, after being silent for the Easter period. All this is followed by general joyfulness, visiting with friends and tasting the various dishes and the traditional cake - potica.