Purnululu National Park, Bungle Bungle Range

Tu pride flash

Bungle Bungle Range in East Kimberley was until early 1980ies known only to local pastoralists, stockmen, geologists and local Aborigenes. The area is rich in artwork by Aborigenes who have lived in the area for at least 20,000 years. Formed by uplift and erosion over the last 20 mill. years the distinctive domes are made of sandstone sediments, deposited into the area by flowing rivers from surrounding mountains from 360 to 370 million years ago. Over time the heavy rains of the wet seasons and winds have eroded the sandstone to form the rounded rock towers and carved out the steep-sided chasms and gorges. The orange and black stripes across behive-like mount, are encased in the skin of silica and algae, and are clearly visible. Bungle Bungle became a national park in 1987 and was declared a world heritage area in 2003.