France Gorše, Slovenian sculptor

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France Gorše was born in Dolenjska/Lower Carniola in the village Sodražica, in 1897. He studied in Ljubljana, fought on the Italian Front in World War I, and after the war went to Zagreb where where he studied sculpture with Ivan Meštrović. Back in Ljubljana he soon became known for a growing opus of work. He migrated to USA in 1952, by 1970 returned to Europe, constantly developed new ways of expression in his work. He finally settled in Slovenian Koroška/Carynthia, in the village Sveče, where he worked till his death in 1986. He built a studio and gallery, and so created a monument to his creative genius. Just before he passed away, a retrospective of his works was organized in Ljubljana. Its success confirmed his standing as a Slovenian sculptor of note.