Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

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Kakadu National Park, covering nearly 20,000 sq.km is the largest national park in Australia and one of the very few places listed a world heritage area for both its cultural and natural value. Generations of traditional aboriginal owners have lived on and cared for this country for tens of thousands of years. Kakadu rock art of more than 5,000 sites, dating human occupation for fifty to sixty thousand years represents one of the longest historical records of any group of people in the world. Within the vast landscapes of Kakadu there are six main landforms, comprising savanna woodlands, monsoon forests, southern hills and ridges, stone country, tidal flats and coast and billabongs, each one in their diversity truly unique.It encompasses the floodplains of the South Alligator River system with their massive up to 300 m high Arnhem Land Plateau. The Kakadu National Park is managed jointly by the traditional owners and the federal government.