Anica Kodila, Home Decorator's Art

Tu pride flash

Anica Kodila is a native of Doljni Zomun near Ilirska Bistrica. She has lived in Australia for nearly fifty years and resides in Melbourne. She acquired some knowledge and skill at home. She inherited her love of needlework from her mother, who taught her to cross-stitch and embroider pillows and sheets. In Australia she greatly developed her skills and became one of the leading handicraft makers. This is an exhibition of ornamental items which Anica Kodila displays in her home for Christmas season. The rich display of objects which she designed and made herself reflects her extraordinary creativity and also the gift that she makes to her family and friends of her home at Christmas time, which is celebrated according to Slovenian tradition with a great deal of pomp and ceremony, as well as the warmth of the family home.