Photo Moments

19 January 2008 Photo moments is a monthly photographic highlight from the Thezaurus photolog collections. Readers are invited to submit their special favourite photo for Photo moment selection. We begin by celebrating in 2008, the Slovenian EU Presidency year, with the image of the sculpture - the Slovenian Sun, by the Japanese sculptor Taizo Murakami. It is exhibited in Kostanjevica Forma Viva Gallery.

Proposal: Slovenia House in Ljubljana/ Slovenska hiša

8 July 2007 The Slovenian government has established permanent dialogue with Slovenes around the world. In historic legislation in 2006 (Ur.I. RS st. 43/2006) the legal framework for cooperation with Slovenes abroad was enacted for the first time.  A special consulting body called the Council for Slovenes around the World - Svet za Slovence po svetu -  is chaired by the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša. The Council consists of nineteen members, thirteen living outside of Slovenia. Representatives were nominated by the communities and duly elected. A meeting will be held each year in summer and more as needed.
In Australia two representatives Peter Mandelj and Florjan Auser have been appointed. Consultations with the Prime Minister Janez Janša and other ministers have been held and representatives have spoken in the Parliament.
Aleksandra Ceferin has prepared a paper, which was in parts read by Peter Mandelj to the assembled members at the inaugural session  of the Council on 3 July 2007 in Ljubljana. The paper presents the situation of the post-migrant generations of the descendants of Slovenian emigrants, questions the aims and substance of Slovenian emigrant publications and presents two main proposals:
1. a major Slovenian web site
2. establishment of Slovenia House in Ljubljana

Note: The paper was presented in Slovenian with an English version for publication.

VIII All Slovenian Gathering 2008 - Subm: issue of lost generation

The submission by Aleksandra Ceferin ISSV Inc., read by Peter Mandelj OAM, the representative from Australia, on 3 July 2008,  in the program with the theme of intercultural dialogue. The submission was on the issue "Communication with the lost generation" (Komunikacijo z izgubljeno generacijo).

Slovenes in Australia

The Slovenian population of Australia is estimated to total about 25,000. It is dispersed in all the states of Australia, with largest groups residing in Melbourne and Sydney. The second generation of Australians whose parents are of Slovenian origin is excluded. There are twenty-six Slovenian organizations in Australia.

Peter Mandelj - Order of Australia Award 2008

The Medal of the Order of Australia ( OAM ) was awarded to Mr. Peter Mandelj for his role in organisations and service to the Slovenian community.

11 Slovenian Festival in Victoria

The Victorian Slovenian Festival is a two-day event, beginning with mass in the main hall, opening speeches and a traditional cultural program.

The Old Vine of Maribor Harvest in Australia

The Festival which has a long tradition in Maribor Slovenia, and is a European cultural event, celebrating the oldest living vine in the world, has been transported to Australia seven years ago and is thriving in Lillydale, Victoria. On 6th April we celebrated the first traditional harvest.

Helena Leber - This is your life

Helena was known to the whole Slovenian community through her radio work, and she began actively helping with health and social issues within the community. She contacted authorities, organized care for people in need, she drove the elderly to hospital, or to visit friends.