Mozetič Brane:
As The First Drops

as the first drops, yesterday, slid down our faces

a black cat crept across the rooftops, amid the covers

and sniffed the rumpled heap of clothes

from pleasure, from contentment it released a gentle

music that transported you unseen, unheard

back across the shallows toward the surf…

Martinique is that island where summer infinitely

expands, it has no ending, no beginning, I can feel it

that scent of mango in your smooth skin

as I slide across it as through supple, fine-grained sand

under palm frond curtains time grows long and sated

can you feel the many tooth marks on my

finger, the marks of your white teeth, that coconut, the milk

that’s strained across your chocolate skin

its taste of love, like salt, much stronger

that eats into my senses, mal de vie

they soak up all its wild power like a sponge

do you hear, a breeze invades the windows

making curtains yield to sun where we, adhering

in a forceps grip of arms, don’t dare to part

what is infinity but a moment, what tension but a force

that disintegrates our bodies, so the pressure is immediate

incorporeal, a gust, a gust of wind comes through the doorway

when there might still be some time to die - oh, don’t ever

get up, don’t vanish from above me, I sense

I sense eyes of creatures glinting from the dark

I feel the universe distilling in a drop of water

a drop of water as it slides across the pane, getting smaller, smaller.

Translated by Michael Biggins