Zajc Dane:
The Same

It’s in another world. The same. It’s the other in the same world. The same. It’s the same in the same world. Other in another. The same.  He’s the same as you. The same hair. The same hands. The same head. The same eyes. The same look. The same age. He’s the same.  The same madness. The same love. The same experience. The same beloved. Just now thinking the same thoughts Dancing with the same swinging steps. In twilight’s web, in midnight’s snare, Captured in the same place. The same.  The same wounds. The same scars. The same doubts. The same mistakes. The same hesitations. The same failures. Which you foresaw.  When you are seen, when you are in the cracked light When you are in the crowd, focusing on the same When you, the premonition, the shadow of your same self It is said when you are seen Oh, what a thought. What a double nothing. Ha. (The same words are babbled. The same tongue twisted. The same.)

Translated by Erica Johnson Debeljak