Dekleva Milan:
Pleasing Are These Reveries

What was concealed

behind the cross-examination of the being,

humped into writing?

Going through the sonnets of desires

reveals the solemn moments

of special happiness.


Pleasing are these reveries

of the skin in touch, these starry order-forms

of private eternity.

The souls are out of breath - down to the feet

out of breath - in the rooms which do not pass

the sublime death.


That which is outside, that which wordly

sanctifies, that is too hard to be

adapted to a shape.


But it holds: in the word,

in the smashed gum, in the judgement

that contradicts others but not itself.


Emptiness, the trap of love, you

subhuman destiny of writing poetry:


pathology of expression.

Translated by Jože Žohar