Mozetič Brane:
Each Time Different Lips

each time different lips bending down to meet you

and bodies to explore, unending repertoire of stories

for you to hear, and you repeat the tired phrases

awake the same old hopes when morning comes

and time to leave - all loves,

all loves are the same, they always show themselves

too late, when you’ve long since given up, applied the last brushstroke,

and all efforts are in vain.

and yet all moist affections crumble at will.

continents, oceans appear and attract us to venture

to change, to renewal that just might come unannounced.


insane phrases, insane language that you don’t replace

that long since served its purpose, insane feelings

that the wind whisks through the grass, the leaves

which settle in your eyes like dust, you ask

what’s wrong but don’t say everything

the desires and the words just float away like water

like breakers on the shore, the door is closed

you’re left alone, wrung out, in the resonance of a void.

Translated by Michael Biggins