SBS - Slovenian Radio and Television Programs In Australia

Slovenian experimental programs in Sydney and Melbourne on the station 3EA were inaugurated in the middle of the year 1975. This was the beginning of Slovenian programs, connecting the Slovenian settlers to the mother country and providing contact to the far flung Slovenian community in Australia. The work was voluntary and the first coordinators were pioneers. Their names became household names: in Sydney Jože Čuješ and Mariza Ličan in Sydney, Ivo Leber, Helena Van De Laak in Melbourne. In 1978 the service was taken over by the Special Broadcasting Services / SBS.


SBS Radio, Slovenian Program
P.O. Box 294,
South Melbourne VIC 3205,
Tel: 03 9949 2121 
Fax: 03 9949 2385


SBS Radio Sydney
Locked Bag 028
Crows Nest, NSW 1585
Tel: 02 9430 2828
Fax: 02 9438 1114

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