Slovenian Australian Institute Ltd.

Slovensko avstralski Inštitut

Established in 2000, the Slovenian Australian Institute Ltd.  was founded in Sydney Australia to facilitate exchange between Slovenia and Australia in the fields of arts, culture, tourism, commerce and education. It aims to promote an understanding of the interests of Slovenia in the framework of Australian society and the links between the two countries. It co-ordinates tours, organizes functions and exhibitions of Slovenian artists at the Sir Hermann Black Gallery, University of Sydney. A web site was established in April 2002, online till  2008 containing: events in Australia, events archives, news, and records of activities and associations. In 2006, it co-ordinated the exhibitions of Slovenian Theatre Posters of Slovenian artist Jože Domjan. It participated in the Slovenian Soup Day held at the Grafton Regional Gallery, New South Wales which exhibited prints by Irwin Art Group.

Slovenian Australian Institute Ltd
PO Box 15, Camperdown, NSW 2050, Australia
President: Nicholas Vickers

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