Panthers - Triglav, St. Johns Park Community Club

Klub Triglav

The Triglav club was established in early 1970ies so young Australian Slovenian families could participate in social functions, preserve Slovenian heritage, maintain links with the old country and speak fluently with fellow Slovenians.
For a number of years the club was a close ethnic community, operating on a strictly volunteer basis for all services, with no paid labour. With the growth of the club and a decline in membership, it was decided to open the club to the wider community and the club's name was changed to St Johns Park Community Club. There was a need for a more professional approach to the operation of the club and paid staff were employed.
With the introduction of paid staff and an increase in overheads, St Johns Park Community Club chose an amalgamation with the Panthers group as a way of securing their survival. Part of that amalgamation process included a promise that the culture and history of the club would be maintained.

St. John’s Park Panthers/Triglav
80-84 Brisbane Road, St John's Park, NSW 2176, Australia
Ph 02 9610 1627 Fax 02 9823 2522
Chairman: Peter Krope

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