Slovenian Australian Network and Slovenian Media House

Stičišče avstralskih Slovencev

Australian Slovenian informative web publication established in 1996. It continues from the original publication called "Glas Slovenije", started in 1993. The web site is all in Slovenian, apart from articles on community group web pages. It is based in Sydney, with the chief editor Florjan Auser. It has current news and information from Slovenia, Slovenian organizations in Australia and around the world. The site provides web pages of Slovenian communities in Australia, which include articles in English. There are extensive archives of: Glas Slovenije, Slovenian Missions in Australia, monthly journal Misli, articles, community news, contact details and links sections on Slovenian media, organizations in Australia and around the world.

Slovenian Media House - Glas Slovenije
P O Box 191, Sylvania, NSW, 2224, Australia
Ph +61 2 9522 9922
Fax  +61 2 9522 9922
Manager: Florjan Auser

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