Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF) for LOTE and Slovenian Language

Following the consolidation of the VCE levels 11 & 12, the CSF reform of all levels of school education called CSF began, initially with intensive series of professional development sessions, which included curriculum development.

Skill areas for each field of learning were identified and their separate progress marked for each stage of learning.

A guideline was published for each area of learning, which provided a framework for all curriculum development in the specified learning area.  For languages: Curriculum and Standards Framework for Languages Other Than English (Board of Studies, 1995).

In her role as Assistant Principal, Aleksandra Ceferin planned a strategy for curriculum and professional development for the 40 languages, by developing a CSF Guideline Framework document to be published for each VSL language. The first developed model was Slovenian CSF Guidelines, which was subsequently used to develop other language models. It contained a description of linguistic elements, suitable topics for year levels 4 to 10, a sample topic developed for all levels, a specimen multilevel course outline, a topic planning guide, CSF achievement charts and an extensive bibliography.

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