Lake Argyle, Western Australia

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Lake Argyle, situated in the north-eastern Kimberley region in Western Australia, is Australia's largest man-made lake. At extreme flood capacity surface area of the lake is 2,062 sq km, lake volume 34,655 cubic metres and approx.55 times the size of Sydney harbour. The massive Lake Argyle was formed in the 1960ies and 1970ies as part of the Ord River irrigation scheme. The catchment area presently covers approx. 50,000 sq km. Today the area produces 60 different crops on 13,000 hectares. Argyle Diamond Mine is currently the world's largest diamond producer with 6 tonnes of diamonds or in excess of 30 million carats annually. The majority of diamonds are f industrial quality and 5% are the famous pink diamonds are of the highest quality in the world.