Mi vsi smo Slovenija

Project: Book “Mi vsi smo Slovenija” by Žiga Zois Foundation, Brezovica pri Ljubljani, 2009

Editors: Marijan Musek, Lucija Hočevar 
ISBN 978-961-92657-0-3   Pages: 255

Zavod Žiga Zois is a foundation for the promotion of quality in education, schooling and health care in Slovenia. It published a large book on contributions of children’s art and schoolwork from twenty-two countries on the theme of Slovenia in 2009. The aim of the project is to widen and deepen connections of people of Slovenian origin of all generations, particularly with the young and future generations of Slovenes in the home country, the borders and around the world.

ISSV received a request to contribute to this publication for primary school students work, and sent students work from ISSV Archives. Initially we didn’t have the intention to send our secondary level material, as the focus was on primary level. However the Foundation welcomed our contributions; all were included in the book. Two copies of the book received in December are in the ISSV Library.   

Excerpts from the book: Introduction and pp250-255 click on

Žiga Zois Foundation
Established in 2004, it is a beneficiary and humanitarian institution. Read more about the Foundation at

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