Slovenian Literator - Slovenian Literary Cartography

The Slovenian Literator was introduced as the platform for the first web anthology of contemporary Slovenian literature in Melbourne during the Slovenian Writers' Australian Reading Tour in 2001. For the practical demonstration of the scope and possibilities of a content-drive database, the first works came from the anthology of Slovenian poetry and prose in English translation, selected by the poet, Dr. Aleš Debeljak, Head of the Centre for Cultural and Religious Studies at Ljubljana University. The work is The Imagination of Terra Incognita: Slovenian Writing 1945 - 1995, published in the USA in 1996.

Literator was launched at the reading programme in the Radio Theatre at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology on 2 August 2001. The programme was chaired by Di Websdale-Morrisey of the School of Creative Media. Aleksandra Ceferin of ISSV gave the opening address for the Launch. Images of the model for the Literator website displayed on the stage screen, were produced and presented by developer Bojan Ažman Morfej, as an introduction to the conceptual model for a thematic anthology of Slovenian literary art as a web publication.  

Zavod Neuropolis, Slovene Writers’ Association (Društvo slovenskih pisateljev) and ISSV have partnered for this project, generating wide interest since the occasion of the Five Writers "From the Heart of Europe" Reading Tour in August 2001 and at the subsequent media conference in Ljubljana, at the Slovene Writers’ Centre, 19 September 2001.

After the model was demonstrated in Ljubljana, the Slovene Writers' Association submitted details of the project to the Slovenian Government, and funding was received. The next stages of the project are to be completed, as resources are developed and the programming of a complex database is organized for publication of the latest literary texts, with an online archive. In 2007, a selection of essays, poetry and fiction of thirty authors from the anthology was published at


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