Shopping therapy

Spletno nakupovanje v Sloveniji

Statistics show the number of eGovernment services online is above the EU average. This is coupled with above-average use of the Internet by the media; three-quarters of public services for businesses are available online, 10% above the EU norm. In 2005 more than half (55%) or 376,000 of all Slovenian households have Internet access.The European statistics office, Eurostat reported in 2007 that 47% of Slovenians were using the Internet on a weekly basis in the first quarter of 2006. The survey found that 96% of Slovenian companies are connected to the web. Slovenia was also placed above the EU average in terms of households with broadband Internet access: with 34% of households having broadband.

E-shopping is increasing in Slovenia, showed in the survey of Slovenian Statistical Office of late 2006. In Slovenia, the advantages of online shopping have led 15 % of individuals to shop online.In the year 2005, e-shoppers were mostly interested in buying books and magazines (32 %) and computer software (32 %). Furniture/ toys and clothes/ sport equipment were also quite frequently purchased (25 %). More clothes and furniture is sold on the internet than travel arrangements and tickets for events. E-shoppers are more typically men (19 %) than women (12 %). In 2005 research of consumer behavior indicated that women enjoy shopping more than men do. For women shopping represents a ritual and an opportunity for socializing, while mens’ goal in shopping is best quality for the least money.

The major search engine Mat'Kurja has categories of: business directories, registers, entertainment, finance, and industry. The general section comprises of businesses selling: books, music, computer products, food, fashion wear, sports equipment, furniture, jewellery, homeware, machinery and services. Other popular Slovenian search engines are: Slowwwenia, Najdi Raziskovalec

Learning activities

1. Compile a shopping list
Text-type: list
Linguistic element: noun, adjective
Write a range of gift books for relatives at Mladinska bookshop

2. Script a dialogue
Text-type: dialogue
Linguistic element: direct speech, pronoun – declension, noun - declension
Write about discussing selection of gift for family or friend

3. Design an advertisement
Text-type: advertisement
Linguistic element: adjective - comparative, superlative
Design online advertisement about an appealing product or content of Vrtnar web site

4. Create a brochure Text-type: brochure
Linguistic element: vocabulary of cosmetics and products
Design a brochure of Aubrey’s organic natural cosmetics

5. Write a bulletin
Text-type: bulletin
Linguistic element: compound sentences, numeric expression of quantity
Write about a shop at the BTC City shopping centre

6. Design the front page of web site
Text-type: web page
Linguistic element: noun, pronouns, loan words
Select a business, design a home page for a new online shop


Research on Internet in Slovenia
The Economic Intelligence Unit
Global Technology Forum
BTC-City shopping centre
Yellow Internet Slovenia

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