Castrum Leibach - Ljubljana Castle

Topic: Early history of Ljubljana Castle

Introductory note
Historian Peter Štih found the earliest record of the Ljubljana Castle in a document, dated 1112 to 1125, a parchment sheet, Nomina defunctorum (names of the dead) in the Udine Cathedral Archive, in 2002. It states that "advocate Rudolph" a nobleman Rudolf of Tarcento, had donated a canon with twenty farms near the Ljubljana Castle (castrum Leibach) to the Church of Aquileia. The other source about the castle is dated 1144, as a property of the House of Spanheim, the seat of the Dukes of Carinthia.  

About the document for reading
The publication is: a facsimile of the earliest record of the Ljubljana Castle, with a transcription of the document, commentary and a select bibliography on the history of Ljubljana.  
Štih, Peter (2010), Castrum Leibach: the first recorded mention of Ljubljana and the city's early history: facsimile with commentary and a history introduction, The Municipality of Ljubljana, Ljubljana.

in Slovenian and English
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Collection of documents:

Čepič, Taja, Rebolj, Janja (1998), Poselitev ljubljanske kotline - urbani razvoj Ljubljane - Settlement of the Ljubljana basin - urban development of Ljubljana, Mestni muzej, Ljubljana
Otorepec, Božo, Matic, Dragan (1998), Izbrane listine Zgodovinskega arhiva Ljubljana 19 (1320-1782), Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana, Ljubljana 
Suhadolnik, Jože (1994), "Stavbni razvoj v Ljubljani (1144-1895) in arhivsko gradivo Zgodovinskega arhiva Ljubljana", Kronika, Ljubljana 42/2. pp.11-25  
Downloadže-Suhadolnik-Stavbni-razvoj-v-Ljubljani-1144-1895  "Historian finds New Oldest Mention of Ljubljana" Slovenian Press Agency 14 December 2010.  

Press conference, Peter Štih, "Castrum Leibach" 14 December 2010, 9.38min.

Ljubljanski grad / Ljubljana Castle
Boštjan Burger, Panorama photography of the view from Ljubljana Castle

Archives of the City of Ljubljana
The Archives oldest document is dated 1320. 
111 let Zgodovinskega arhiva Ljubljana, 2009, pdf. 72 strani


111 years of Historical Archives Ljubljana, 2009, pdf. 72 pages


Slovenian Archives on the World Wide Web

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