About STAV/ISSV activities

Since 1976 Slovenian Teachers Association of Victoria developed the Slovenian language programs - the aims and course content with philosophical underpinning of combined language and cultural studies. In 1998 it was reinstituted as the Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria which further developed this concept through the web site www.thezaurus.com and other projects.
The first major STAV activity was to identify and acquire appropriate language resources from USA, Italy and Slovenia …resources included reference books, and collections of Slovenian literature and cultural publications. Audio and visual materials, and Slovenian publications The Slovenian curriculum placed importance on the cultural component of language learning.

The second challenge was the establishment of matriculation for Slovenian (Higher School Certificate), which resulted in VISE publication Higher School Certificate for Slovenian (VISE, 1980). The basis of the course was an integrated approach towards language and culture.

This led to the first project, Slovenian Literary Reader, 242 pages (A.L.Ceferin, Melbourne 1984), which provided a complete historical overview of Slovenian literary tradition from the earliest times. In the same year the booklet and audio-cassette Slovenian Folk-Songs was published and used in Slovenian classes.

In the 1990’s STAV increasingly focused on language and culture projects, with the aim of stimulating interest in language learning. Projects focused on course design and curriculum development to complement major educational reforms.
The third great challenge for Slovenian studies began in 1998, with the development of  communication technology. STAV was reinstituted as Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria / ISSV with new aims. The Internet project Thezaurus.com was commenced by the project team. One of its main aims was to establish a web presence and reach a broader English speaking public.

Founded on the belief that pride in one’s heritage is the most powerful motivator in the maintenance of language and culture, the web node thezaurus.com fulfilled its overall aim of reaching a wider public and initiated a range of language and cultural projects, providing information about Slovenian courses, scholarships and resources,  encouraging dialogue, and providing cultural materials for teachers and students.

As an organisation ISSV has initiated a host of language and culture projects and activities. In this way it has promoted and supported Slovenian cultural and educational exchanges and developed web projects for the broader English speaking public.

From 1998 ISSV has developed web site www.thezaurus.com with web projects: Slovenian Language, Webclassroom, Sloveniana Webzine, Galeria Sloveniana, ISSV Archives, Thezaurus Forums, Reference links, Literator (2007) Slovenia Albums (2007)

Other projects of ISSV were: Five Authors Reading Tour (2001), the publication 25 years of Slovenian Language in Australia (2003), Slovenian CSF and VCE Course Outline (2003), Student Exchange (2003), Slovenia photographic project (2003-2006).

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